Corolla was a Wellington-based artist collective consisting of collaborations by myself (Aimée Green), Benjamin Murdoch, Sally Pardoe, Alexandria Banks, Sally Young and Dominique Burton. The multi-media experience that was styled in homage to the South African counter-culture movement Zef, made infamous by the Die Antwoord duo ¥o-landi and Ninja, was translated within a New Zealand context. The exhibition set within The Service Depot explored the tension between the construction of identity with the constrictions of socio-economic classes. October 12 (2016) brought video, performative and photographic works as a dismantled collage to the store – displaying a style of imagery that had been done before... but not yet by the collective. Corolla was New Zealand’s ‘fancy’ white trash stars and recontextualized imagery with a blend of hip-hop, jungle, trap and moombahton beats.


Starring, directed, and filmed by Alexandria Banks and Aimée Green

Sound by Benjamin Murdoch (Heist Beats)


Exhibited: 2016. Corolla, The Service Depot, Wellington, New Zealand.